Silvio’s Scenic Sea & Stay – March 2021


Well the weather was looking a little average in Melbourne and even more average Gippsland way where Craig battled the wet weather to make it in time to the Laverton meeting point. H unfortunately decided to give it a miss due to poor riding conditions in Cranbourne.

Wayne met Tim, Christopher, Rob, Craig & Brett at Laverton Shell Servo before heading towards Birregurra via Cape Otway Road.

While I was buzzing around preparing for my guests to arrive, I was pleasantly greeted by David & Phil that made their own way from Geelong before the main group arrived.

A 11:15am arrival of the other Melbourne riders meant we had time to for a cuppa before heading on the SSSS – “Silvio’s Scenic Sea & Stay” Ride.

Heading to Forrest Brewery for a delicious lunch via Murroon & Penny Royal we had a light spray of rain while entering the Otway National Park that cleared in time for our departure to Apollo Bay.

Pete & Kate drove from Melbourne and Craig, my partner drove from Birre to meet us at the Brewery for lunch before heading back to Birre while we on the bikes headed off to Apollo Bay.

Fresh crisp mountain air made for an invigorating mountain ride to Skenes Creek where the Otways meets the Great Ocean Road.

The weather was definitely warmer and the sun was shining as we made our way to Apollo Bay for a quick stop at the Marina for another group photo opportunity.

The ride from Apollo Bay to Lorne was absolutely spectacular as usual, how lucky are we to have the Great Ocean Road in Victoria with no international tourist buses!

A refuel in Lorne, including coffee, ice-cream, petrol, ocean, sunshine and lots of smiles, where it was discovered Brett F had been a little too excited on some of the right hand corners wearing lots of rubber down to the mesh on his front tyre. Christopher headed back solo to Melbourne to be in the arms of his loving man.

The rest of us heading inland from Lorne through the Otway’s to Deans Marsh where we were greeted by a police road block breathalyser and licence check where only 3 of the group were pulled over while the others waited ahead.

Arriving home in Birregurra around 5:30ish we set up beds and sipped on Aperol spritz prepared by the lovely Kate and my Craig pre ordered take away pizzas from the General Store for dinner before the evening’s entertainment kicked off.

The Mini Priscilla Bus arrived at the front door around 7pm to take us to the Ti Tree Hotel in Warrion for lots of drinks and multiple Drag Performances by 4 extremely talented ladies.

John arrived late with 2 beautiful ‘fur babies’ that kept my fur baby Bella entertained, better than being home alone.

Mini Priscilla Bus deliver us all safe and sound back home in Birregurra around 1am where we were all ready for bed.

Sunday morning was very chilled with breakfast supplies fully stocked and some of the group headed off around 10 for their ride back to Melbourne.

The sound of the engines revving woke me up so unfortunately we didn’t manage a face to face farewell.



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16 April 2021

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