Craig’s South Gippsland Winter Blast – July 2018


Ride number 437 for the club!

Weather: Divine

Roads: Superb 

Eight brave riders arrived at the designated McDonalds meeting point (early) to tackle a simply stunning day of riding around the ever-beautiful South Gippsland region. I’m biased I know, but the roads in South Gippsland are some of the best Victoria has to offer, as soon as you get off the freeway that is!

In fine form H, Rolf, David, Michael, Christian, Christopher, Bruce (new from Traralgon) and I blasted around various sealed back roads heading to our lunch destination at Moo’s of Meeniyan. Moo’s is a restaurant and café very popular with the locals and is the home of the South Gippsland Gay and Lesbian Group. Pumpkin soup was very popular with the riders and the usual good spirited gossip and conversation flowed freely.

After lunch we continued the blast around more magnificent sealed roads with many twists and turns keeping everyone alert. Full credit to all riders, as the corner marking was excellent and Christian as rear rider kept the group together and the ride went like a well-oiled machine! So good in fact, we had no time to stop for photos and/or Facebook updates.

Korumburra was a quick fuel stop as we headed towards Poowong and then onto Drouin where the ride concluded at McDonalds around 3pm, giving riders plenty of time to return home in the daylight.

During the ride, I had plenty of time to think about the next ride I should organise and after bouncing off riders over lunch, I think we should have an overnight blast to Dargo sometime soon and stay in the famous Dargo Log Cabins! What do you all think?

Cheers Craig

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