Malmsbury, Maldon…. It All Starts With M

by Santa

This ride report was originally published in the January 2008 issue of the Motorcycle Tourers club magazine, ‘Chain Lube’.

Ho Ho Ho my little fellows from the Melbourne Motorcycle Tourers. Its Santa here, just popping you a line to thank you all for helping me spread cheer and festive tidings across country Victoria.

Our journey began at South Yarra and I was so pleased to see such a turn out on a beautiful summer’s day. There must have been at least a dozen eager souls on there beautiful motorbikes looking forward to spending the day with the old fellow in his red suit riding around central Victoria.

The procession would take in the towns of Lancefield, Heathcote and then through the rolling pastures and hills of Sutton Grange, Chewton, Castlemaine and then on to Maldon, or was that Malmsbury. What an old duffer I am, you will have to forgive me boys and girls, old Santa passes through so many towns and hamlets on his journeys that he sometimes gets confused. Yes I’m quite certain it was Maldon that we stopped at to take a break and refresh our spirits before heading off to Daylesford, Ballan, Anakie and then of to the festivities planed at Santa’s helper Nigels’ house.

Well we left South Yarra at 9.30 and made our way to Sunbury to pick up all the other boys and girls that were there to join our quest to spread Christmas cheer across the state. Oh what a sight we must have been as I lead our band of revellers across the Bolte Bridge and along the freeway towards the airport and Sunbury. When we reached the second pick-up, I could hardly believe these old eyes of mine. There were so many more fellows from the bike club there to join in the procession of bikes for Santa’s ride. I counted 20 merry souls out to have some fun on the bikes this day with Santa leading out the front all resplended in his red suit astride his loyal Cagiva.

So it was that we finally set of on our crusade to spread Christmas cheer with all of my helpers in tow. We had a rest stop at Heathcote as the children cheered and pointed to Santa and his band of merry helpers. At this point it was a good opportunity for two little girls to go and by some strawberry jam despite Santa saying there was no time. “You just don’t understand Santa. This is the only place you can by strawberry jam in Victoria”. Time passed and it was off we set again to have a light snack at Maldon after passing through the twists and turns of Sutton Grange and Chewton.

We filled our bellies and our trusty steeds and once again set of toward the festivities awaiting us at Nigel’s house in Point Cook. Through Daylesford and Ballan we charged as children cheered and dogs howled. On to Anakie and through the mountain passes we rode like a train with a full head of steam, all the time Santa at the lead in his flowing red robe. We rode through the Bad Lands of Little River and on to Werribee before finally reaching our destination at Point Cook. There to greet us was more and more members of the Melbourne Motorcycle Tourers. Oh, and what a feast lay in waiting for us, there was food and drink as far as the eye could see and gifts for all the good boys and girls that had come to celebrate Christmas with Santa and his trusty crew. There was music and dancing into the wee small hours.

Santa would like to give a very special thank you to Nigel and Hosko for the extra special effort they put in to set up a wonderful party for Santa and his followers and hope that every one has had safe and joyous Christmas with their friends and loved ones.

Ho ho ho. Love Santa

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