We ‘Muster’ at Musk Once Again…

This ride report was published in the Vol 26 No1 January 2016 issue of the Motorcycle Tourers club magazine, ‘Chain Lube’.

The 2016 MMT Musk Motorcycle Muster

The weather couldn’t have been better for the monthly ride and camp out. I think it was the 4th Musk Muster? Thanks to Pete and Tim for leading the troops from South Yarra to the airport viewing area near Bulla to start the ride. What a great turn out with 21 riders assembling there to ride. Unfortunately only 20 of us got to leave though as Rob B had some battery issues with the Honda and had to stay and wait for assistance from RACV. Harvey J was resplendent as tail rider with some  stunning fluoro accessorising.

Apart from a u turn within 5km from the start of the ride all went well. It seems to be my pattern when I lead a ride. My inner GPS is really hit and miss! Once I’d re-calibrated my system and got back on course we headed to Diggers Rest, Toolernvale and through Bacchus Marsh. There we headed right towards the Brisbane Ranges over some lovely twisties and out to the Ballan – Geelong Road. We then went down to Anakie (past the Fairy Park…so need to go in there some time). We then turned right and headed off through Maude then Merrideth and then back out to the Ballan – Geelong Rd north of Anakie. Again, some really fun roads. Thanks to Harvey’s sister-in-law Debbie (who also joined us on the ride) who took Harve and I over those roads a few weeks prior to the ride. We then went back towards Ballan and turned off towards Ballarat via Mt Edgerton. No coffee stop so lunch was a welcome stop at around 1.30 at a bistro which we’ve been to before in Ballarat. We said farewell to Debbie, Pete and Timmy after lunch. The temperatures had been pretty comfortable to this point. We then set of towards Carisbrook via Clunes and Talbot. We stopped to regroup at Carisbrook at around 4.00pm and it was starting to get pretty warm! My original plan was to ride through to Castlemaine and head back to Musk from there but my deodorant wasn’t holding up under the heat and I made an executive decision to cut it a bit short and head back through Newstead to Musk. This seemed a welcome decision by the rest of the troops I hasten to add! We arrived back to Musk to a welcoming party of Michael Van D, driver for Chloe and Chloe (gorgeous Greyhound Gals) and Adam’s husband Anthony.

Tents were pitched, beds and rooms around the house claimed and bevvies from town purchased. We said farewell to Christopher and Adam who headed back to Melbourne from Musk at this stage. We were then joined by John H who was driver for Lady Jane and Andy (more canine friends), Peter (Harvey J’s husband), Gary and Michael from Chewton, Kate, Cheryl and a friend of theirs from Daylesford, Max and Harvey arrived from Melbourne as did Darren B. Carmine also arrived after parking his new caravan at the park in Daylesford. BBQ’s were cranked up and dinner was under way! My John arrived home from work around 7pm to be greeted by 25 people, 6 dogs and assorted tents under the Chestnuts! A great night.

The sun came up far too soon on Sunday morning and the bloody cockatoos arrived at sparrow fart to plunder my nuts making the most God awful noise… Ahhhh, the serenity of the country! After cups of tea and ablutions we went to breakfast at the Good Food Store in Daylesford. Wayne’s husband David drove up to join us for breakfast as well! Gary and Shane always make us welcome and serve a great breakfast and coffee. After breakfast it was decided that a tour of Carmines new home, Chateau de Wheels, moored at the caravan park was required. I don’t think Carms will be lacking any home comforts while he’s travelling the country. Caravans seem to have come quite a long way since John and I lived in our 17′ Viscount for 18 months when building a house let me tell ya!

Back to Musk and some decamping and packing up before everyone started back to Melbourne. I want to thank everyone who came on the ride, came camping, came for the BBQ or came to breakfast. John and I really love the weekend Muster and having everyone come to our home. The MMT rocks!!

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January 9, 2016

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